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Monad5 • Shadowrun 5E player aid - project image

Monad5 • Shadowrun 5E player aid

Web tool for Shadowrun 5E players. Started as a cyberdeck aid, but I have been adding more functionality over time. Mobile-first, as it was intented to be used at the gaming table. Built using Svelte and TailwindCSS.

/24 • Subnetting calculator - project image

/24 • Subnetting calculator

Web-based subnetting tool. It explains the principles behind IP addresses and subnet masks, and allows interactive calculations, showing bit-by-bit changes. Built using pure HTML, CSS and JS, fully accessible, responsive, with a dark and light mode.

fatman.dev • My dev homepage - project image

fatman.dev • My dev homepage

This site! Simple homepage for listing all my projects. Built using SvelteKit and TailwindCSS.